About Us

Jason loves solving problems. Watching his wife spend too much time cleaning a cloth food wrap, he asked her why doesn’t she just get a dishwasher safe version. Silence. A quick Google and Amazon search revealed there wasn’t one. 

Boom-the idea of Qrumbles was born.

The first prototypes were made out of freezer paper and tape. Luckily, his middle school aged kids were kind enough to bring them into school to test, and fortunately their friends didn’t ridicule them too much.

After a few hundred design iterations, it was time to test out different materials. He settled on silicon pretty quickly as it was food safe, flexible, and super customizable. Jason spent some time visiting tradeshows and traveling overseas to vet various suppliers. He finally found one that made great products for big name infant and kids brands. This was the perfect fit as quality and safety were key.

A few design and utility applications later, the first shipments arrived in March 2023. 

Jason and family are looking forward to bring a fun sense of mindfulness around preparing, sharing, and eating food. Be on the lookout for the next unconventional product!