Starting a company is easy . .

Keeping one running is hard.

I keep telling people that ideas are a dime a dozen. I could spit 10 out right now. About 1/5 would probably actually make money. But they would all require execution. Execution is the hard part. That is what differentiates between a Wantrepreneur and an Entrepreneur. 

We are heading into Christmas season for Qrumbles and this is the first year I have product in hand. I am hoping to get setup on Amazon by then, but I challenging myself by trying to be perfect in every step. This is not the way to go.

So help me be accountable. I'd love to share my journey here and in the process it helps me reflect where I've been and what I still need to do to more forward. I'll be posting updates regular updates on the life of a Wantrepreneur to an Entrepreneur. 

You can help me out be getting more friends to follow along. That way, I'll feel even more pressure to execute. Your friends can sign up here:

If you want to hear what happened to Shark Tank? I'll have to sit down and write that up next time. 

* * *

If you are local to Howard County, I am will be a the Howard High School Craft Art and More show this Saturday, 10/21. It's from 10-3 pm. I will be in the front entrance to the gym, so please come by, say HI, and get an ussie with Qrumbles.


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